The purpose of Living Waters Women’s Ministry is to challenge the women of the church to holy living through building relationships. Following Jesus’ example, we impart the Biblical principles of Sharing, Caring, and encouraging each other. We are each enriched while learning the practical art of “Christian Living” and coming to understand how, together, we can apply these principles for successful daily living.

Join Other women in Living Water’s Church Family as they meet together, nurturing and caring for one another in the love of Christ.
As a mentor or as a learner, you’ll be blessed as you experience the spiritual growth for yourself and those around you. Together, sharing in your love for God, your family, and others, we are able to find the very special spiritual guidance and practical instruction and the help that each of us need as women of God.Our Women’s Ministry is more than just Bible study or a social gathering – it is Koinonia of the heart and will bless you abundantly, both in the giving and in the receiving.

As we meet together, whether in the morning or evening sessions, mature women mentor younger women through topical Bible Studies and discussions that will touch the heart of the very issues that daily fill your heart and your life. Come, share and partake in the encouragement and comfort that can only be experienced in the very special times of women gathering in the Love of Christ.

No matter your age, season in life or profession, we know you will find something that will allow you to establish a relationship ~ not only with other women ~ but with the most important person in your life: Jesus Christ. Our Living Waters Women’s Ministry is a ministry purposed to build personal relationships to offer comfort, to meet immediate needs, to be friends as women together, supporting one another, helping each other to move toward personal healing, strength and fulfillment both spiritually and naturally.