Welcome to our Church!

Oregon has a wonderful Christian history. In Salem at the Capitol Building we have statues that commemorate our early circuit preachers and Apostles who brought a great revival to early Oregon and the Northwest. However, the Church has willingly surrendered its glorious influence and has become a seeker-friendly, powerless, and ineffectual social club that does little to reach out to the region with the message of the Gospel.

Statistics show that 2% of the people in the Greater Portland area are in church on Sunday. We have a greater Meth problem, per cap pita, than Los Angeles. So if we allow ourselves to critically examine what we’ve been doing, it begs the question, “How’s that working so far?”

The evidence demands a Verdict! We need to Repent and ask God to forgive us for our lukewarmness. We need to return to the Book and feed an uncompromised Gospel that equips our people to know and understand who they are in Christ and what they have in Christ so that they can become what Jesus gave His Life for.

We need to Restore God-Centered Praise and God-Focused Worship into our Churches and get rid of the song leading, entertainment mentality.

We need to get rid of the coffee and donuts in our sanctuaries and Pray God’s Presence Back into them.

We need to restore a reverence for the Presence of God in our Churches so that we can experience His Presence in our lives.

We need to reach out to the hurting and the lost. After all, THAT is the heart of Jesus!

Here at Living Waters, we have claimed our plot of land and we WILL make our stand against the wiles of the enemy. We ARE praying that God Heals our land and we WILL take back what the devil has stolen.

Welcome to our Church!